Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet racking is the most common form of storage for any warehouse.

This heavy duty storage system is easily installed and highly versatile, giving 100% direct access to available pallets individually at any time.

As your business grows and you need that extra storage Selective Pallet racking allows you to simply add to your existing system or if required reconfigure your entire warehouse layout altogether.

Advanced Racking is able to design a racking system around the customer’s needs, optimising space and efficiency giving long term value for money.

All kinds of palletised goods can be stored with the correct design, as the beams are height adjustable, beams are clipped into place, so installation is simple and configuration changes can easily be made to cater for changes in the type or size of goods stored.

Pallet Racking

As Advanced Racking deals with a number of Pallet racking companies we are able to source both Australian made and Imported Racking so you get the most cost effective and the suitable racking system for your Warehouse requirements.

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