Advanced Racking and Shelving Australia can provide all of your Line Marking needs.

Indentifying safe walkway routes, hazards and workplace dangers reduces the number of potential safety issues that can arise and guarding your workforce from risks at work.

We use state of the art machinery and stenciling to ensure all lines are accurate.

Specialising in Warehouse Linemarking (including but not limited to Safety Walkway Lines, No parking zones, Loading Zones, Symbols, pedestrian crossings, hatching, car parking).

We can organize your Linemarking project from start to finish.


When relocating your warehouse safe walk zones, zebra crossings and safe work zones are often left behind.

It is often a requirement of a lease that all lines in the warehouse are to be completely removed from the Warehouse or factory floor.

When reconfiguring your Pallet Racking in your existing premises, existing lines can create a safety hazard in your new layout.